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Our Buyer Consulting Agreement program is designed for business buyers who have decided against hiring a business broker for full representation in the purchase process but require assistance is specific key areas of the buying process.  

Our Buyer Consulting Agreement program is a great extension to our Quick Assist and Full Tutorial programs.  Utilizing a Buyer Consulting Agreement is also a great alternative to hiring a broker for Full Representation.  

The main advantage of utilizing a Buyer Consulting Agreement versus hiring a broker for Full Representation is usually total cost: You only pay for the hours you use versus paying a percentage of the total sales price required with the Full Representation program.

With Buyer Consulting, you will receive the same level of care and assistance with any of our other programs.  Consulting is most often utilized for assistance with key areas of the purchase process.  For example, you might utilize our Buyer Consulting Agreement for assistance during the early stages of vetting a business to help assemble a list of questions for the seller.  Or perhaps you need assistance during the due diligence process of the transaction.  Any aspect of the sales process makes sense to get a second opinion.  

Please keep in mind that we are not attorneys nor tax professionals.  We cannot any legal questions or tax related questions requiring the advice of the appropriate licensed advisor.

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