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Roger Pratt is a businessman and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the lithographic and graphic design industries.

His expertise is in the areas of marketing and sales.

As a previous business owner himself, Roger understands the intricacies associated with the day to day operations and functions of most types of businesses from small to large.

Rita L. Arriola

Business Development Manager

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Melissa G. Courville

Senior Operations Manager

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Lindsey R. Schoning

Marketing Manager


Pete Axelrod has been in the banking and real estate community since leaving the United States Navy in 1987. Pete has also managed small, medium and large dental practices.

Pete formally owned a large real estate and mortgage brokerage as well an insurance brokerage and currently holds a California Life and  Health Insurance license.  

He also holds a 100 ton United States Coast Guard Captain’s license and trains new and experienced boater’s on safety and boat handling.

Lia M. Hughes

Executive Administration 


Ansar Khan worked in the IT industry before migrating into the field of residential mortgages and concurrently joining Common Ground Business Brokers' Orange County team in 2017.   

He has extensive industry experience in the IT industry and mortgage industry spaces.

Ansar holds a B.A. in Business Finance from CSU Fullerton and a Masters degree in Management from University of Redlands.

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Darrin M. Davenport

Certified Business Broker

Broker of Record & Owner

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Shahin Ghaziaskar  | CA BRE 01332896

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Shahin Ghaziaskar was formerly the Operations Director for a real estate group and a sales consultant in the auto industry before joining Common Ground Business Brokers' Orange County team in 2017.   

He has extensive industry experience in the real estate space and auto sales industry.

Shahin holds a B.S. Engineering from the University of Redland.

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