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Full Representation

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Full Representation means just that: we represent you as your broker in the process of buying a business.  Full representation includes helping you to search for the business, select businesses to review, reviewing the businesses with the sellers (or brokers if the seller has hired a broker) and managing the remainder of the sales process.

The main advantage of Full Representation versus a Consulting Agreement is that you don't pay a dime until closing.  What that implies is what that means: If you don't buy a business you don't end up paying any fees.

The main disadvantage of Full Representation is that if you do buy a business, you must pay our firm a percentage of the total sales price of the business you purchase.  This is normally somewhere between 10% - 12% of the total sales price.  Simple math: If you buy a $500,000 business our fee at closing will be $50,000.

How can we justify a fee that high?  Simple: Risk.  When we take a client on under Full Representation we work very hard to find the business a buyer really wants.  Since we assist the buyer in every step of the process of buying the business it's not uncommon to rack up 200+ hours of work by the time the deal closes.  

Guess what we get paid if a deal never gets made?  Zero dollars.  Literally not a dime.  High risk is offset by great reward.

If that's too steep a price in your view but you recognize you still need representation, consider our Buyer Consulting Agreement as a good and less expensive alternative.