Our Full Tutorial program is designed for individuals interested in buying a business but have elected not to a hire a broker to represent them in the purchase process but who still need a qualified broker to explain the steps of buying a business in enough detail to navigate the process successfully.  

Without a doubt, if you have never purchased a business before you will run across situations during the process and ask yourself, "Is this really normal?".  

Keep in mind that the person(s) selling the business are keenly interested in selling their business.  Once you've bought it, it's all yours - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our Full Tutorial program is designed to educate a buyer in a well structured, methodical and straightforward training sessions.  The total training time is 2 full hours.  Training can be split into two 1 hour segments if desired.

Training covers important topics such as deciding what type of business to buy, methods of finding businesses for sale, determining whether the asking price of a business is reasonable, submitting an offer, completing due diligence, whether or not to use an escrow and much more!

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