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Lee Allen Bell worked in Real Estate and concurrently joining Common Ground Business Brokers' Orange County team in 2018.   

He has extensive industry experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate .

Lee Allen has held a California Brokers License since 2010.

Bill Joslin worked in large residential portfolio management and concurrently joining Common Ground Business Brokers' Sacramento county team in 2016.

He has extensive industry experience in Entrepreneurialship in Residential, Medical, Recreation industries.

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Originally from San Francisco, Cynthia relocated to the Sacramento area 20 years ago. She has extensive knowledge of main street business owner’s challenges from her 15 years of working with a variety of business owners as their advertising consultant for a major corporation. 

She became a licensed agent in 2015 and entered the real estate arena in new home sales and property management.

In 2019 she joined Common Ground Business Brokers to return to her passion of assisting business owners accomplish their goals.

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