Our Proprietary Search program is designed for business buyers who only require assistance in locating a business to buy which may or may not be already being marketed for sale.  

In most cases, the buyer is presented with prospective sellers who haven't begun the process of listing their business for sale.  This is ideal for the buyer because of the reduced competition in finding a seller interested in working only with them on the sale.

Our Proprietary Search program is extremely well run and generally produces solid results for buyers who chose to utilize our program.  

We begin with a very clear and solid understanding of the type of business the seller is desiring to acquire.  The more clear and narrow the focus the easier is it to get to the right seller.

Once we develop the scope we develop a pool of seller candidates that fit within that scope.  

Our team then very meticulously reviews the prospective seller's information to further determine the viability of their remaining in the pool of seller candidates.

Each prospect is then contacted in several ways: letter, phone and email.  All of our contacts with our sellers are done in a manner consistent will helping to ensure the confidential nature of the inquiry.

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Proprietary Search

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