Offer & Closing

Once a buyer submits an offer we assist the buyer and seller in getting the deal to closing.  Closing is the day that you get paid, it's the day we get paid, and it's the day the buyer normally takes over the business and you will work with the buyer in completing a transition and training.​

There are hundreds of steps between each one of the bullet points above!  Give us a call today to schedule your Seller Prospect Call and learn how we can help you to get your business sold!

Processing Buyers

When a buyer inquires about your business there are many things they want to know.  We provide general information only up until the buyer signs an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).  After the buyer executes the NDA, the buyer will receive a copy of the CBR.  We interview the buyer and work towards getting an offer.

Going to Market

Once you have hired us to sell your business we need to collect a whole bunch of information about your business so we can prepare the marketing materials necessary to market the business for sale.  We call this marketing piece a Confidential Business Review and it's provided to buyers who sign an NDA.​

What's It Worth?

The first thing we have to do is to figure out what your business might be worth to a buyer.  To do that we need to complete some financial analysis by using your financial statements and tax documents to determine what's called the Most Probably Selling Price.  Alternatively, we can also use a recently completed valuation.

Buy A Business | Sell A Business

Whether you want to put your business up for sale or you are just starting the process of buying your first business, Common Ground Business Brokers can help.  Performing a proper small business valuation or company valuation is the first step.  Find out how we can assist you in setting a proper selling price for your business. 

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Our Process...


Considering the sale of your business?  We have worked with hundreds of potential buyers and sellers of all sorts of Main Street businesses seeking to own a business or exit one.  Read more about how we can help.


Owning your very own business:  It's the American dream, isn't it?  What other opportunity will allow you to be in total control over your time at work, time with your family, and time with yourself?  Learn how we can help you meet your goals!


Whether you are planning to sell your business yourself or you have decided to hire a business broker to assist you with the sale, one of the most important elements of the sales process is developing a defendable asking price.




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Let's Get Engaged!

Once we have determined the Most Probable Selling Price the next step is the decision as to whether or not to sell the business on your own, hire another broker to assist you in the sale or to hire Common Ground Business Brokers to sell the business.  If you pick us, we will have you sign a 6 month Engagement Agreement.​